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Welcome to AutoENCH
the point of WebMoney input and output!

Dear Clients! Invoices are issued automatically only in the personal account with the protection code, and only from
WMID: 681326234411

Please pay with the protection code to protect the exchange.

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Withdrawal of Webmoney

For the input/output of WebMoney you have to apply the online form and wait for a phone call from the operator.

The deals of WebMoney input/output are conducted only with passport and personal presence of the owner of the certificate.

Please contact operator (data listed on the site) in case of any issues.

Attention! To proceed the exchange it is necessary to submit an application form and pay! Without pre-payment the exchange will not be done!

Calculator of exchange

If final amount is not shown, the exchange is not possible.


In order to make the exchange from one currency to another, fill in the left column the amount you want to sell. In the write column you will see the amount of another currency that can be bought. If you agree - click "Exchange" to proceed to the next step.

electronic currency

No matter which currency you used to work, you constantly have to buy it to fill up your wallet.

Buy WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WMU) in cash or by PrivatBank card by using our services today.

We offer the most democratic and competitive rates. If you know the value of money, you will definitely buy WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WMU) using best rates on You can make any operations with your electronic money using our service.

Our company works with all popular types of electronic currencies, so their exchange, buy/sell, input/output is literally a matter of minute!

of electronic currency

How often did you have to face the problem of lack of a certificate to put cash on WebMoney wallet?

By using our service you will forget about all the problems, you do not need to have any certificates and founding documents.

WebMoney output became simple, fast and reliable. We provide the output of WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WMU) and deliver money in cash or send on Privatbank card. In case of large amounts of WM it is possible to go out to the client.

AutoENCH provides special offers for all the clients - the lowest percentage commission on the input and output WebMoney. We offer favorable conditions for cooperation, input and output of WebMoney (WMR, WMZ, WMU) without loss!

Personal and original WebMoney passports
in Lviv.

We are authorized to issue personal WebMoney passports for the applicant in Lviv (Ukraine).

Pass Certification

f you plan to accept online payments for goods and services, be aware that potential buyers want to make sure that you have nothing to hide and therefore they are not dealing with fraudsters.

WebMoney certification system exists for this purpose.

The procedure of obtaining the personal certificate

Why do I need a personal certificate for
Webmoney users?

Only Personal certificate allows you:

  1. 1. to use automated interfaces of WebMoney
  2. 2. to accept payments through Merchant WebMoney Transfer
  3. 3. to participate in the exchange of credit
  4. 4. to participate in the Capitaller service (create a budget machines)
  5. 5. to apply for registration of Internet resources in all sections of MegaStock catalog
  6. 6. to participate in Partner Program of Verification Center to issue initial certificates
  7. 7. to restore control over the WM-identifier in a simplified way

Personal Passport ensures maximum functionality and maximum trust of users. The cost of obtaining the certificate - 30 WMZ, more about the certification procedure can be found in a special section.